The Unusual Tale of the Fairy Theatre
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The Unusual Tale of

The Fairy Theatre


When George Spanswick's father goes missing from Nettlebed Forest, followed by three children from the village, George is determined to find out if these shocking incidents are related.  Summoning all his courage he sets off into the ancient wood seeking answers to the mystery.  The plot thickens when he stumbles across a picture of a fairy theatre that comes to life in his hands as if by some strange sorcery.

This is the first in a series of magical encounters that lead him and his best friend Rani Shana on a journey of discovery as they begin to unravel the astonishing secrets surrounding the disappearances from the village.

Ages 6-12

A beautiful and unique gift that would be a treasure for any bookshelf.

Written with warmth and humour, Lizzie Brown has illustrated her tale by modelling quirky scenes  made to capture the imagination of younger, intrepid explorers of books, and perfect for older readers, as through the actions of her odd-ball characters she delivers a tale that will take you deep into the forest to find a magical world.

Travel with George Spanswick and his friend Rani Shana as they seek answers in this gripping  and visually special adventure to solve the mystery of the three missing children in  a short, fast-paced story about magic, bravery and friendship.

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The Unusual Tale of The Fairy Theatre - The Making Of.
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