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The Fairy Theatre

The Unusual Tale of


INTRODUCING a daring story, a remote village, a secret, an undercover elf, a fairy theatre, two young friends, eccentric grandparents, a sinister wolf-like man, a secretive professor,  a gang of witches, three children missing, a dark dark forest.

An unseen enemy...

"This is an imaginative, atmospheric and fast-paced story.  It contains humour, mystery and tension - you have created some very vivid scenes."

-The Writers Advice Centre

A dreamer, a writer, an artist, a maker.

Lizzie trained in Fashion Design and ran a giftware business before starting a long career in education. It was while working at The Henley College, in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, that she gained a teaching and graphic design qualification and became a lecturer in Art & Design and Photography.

During this time Lizzie used her knowledge and skills as an artist to exhibit Art Photography both in the UK and abroad. Though it was being a parent and watching her children growing up that motivated her to write fairy tales, dressing up her children and photographing them to illustrate her ideas.

Inspired by wonderful children's programs such as Bagpuss, The Magic Roundabout and Flower Pot Men to name just a few, creating a made-up world seemed a magical progression and as a collector of bric-a-brac and found objects just waiting to be used,  building mini film sets turned into a fun and quirky way to now illustrate her stories.



"The story was a great length for bedtime to be read over a few nights, and the pictures really bought the story to life."

Olivia and Polly age 10 and 6